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Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
to 28 35 fillmore street mandatory discretionary review on demolition permit. planning commission is still in session. thank you. item number 12 b is case no. [speaker not understood] for 28 33 to 28 35 fillmore, manned industry dr on the new construction of that project. and 12 c is case no. 2009.07 24 v for 28 33 to 28 35 fillmore and 2800 vallejo street, request for variances. >> commissioner sugaya. >> i ask the board for recusal because the company is i work for [speaker not understood] evaluation of the property. >> recuse commissioner sugaya. on the motion to recuse mr guy commissioner moore? >> aye. >> [speaker not understood]. >> commissioner sugaya is recused. >> good afternoon again, department staff. the case before you is mandatory discretionary review for requirements of planning code section 317. the proposal is to demolish the two unit two-story basement building located at 28 33 fillmore street and construct a new two unit two-story building with a partially covered roof deck. the roof deck will extend over the property line dividing 28 33 fillmore and 2300 vallejo s
Oct 16, 2012 11:30am PDT
. >> i had someone come out to one intersection at fillmore and jackson and they were terrific, actually we know that intersection, but it is, i mean it's one thing to say, oh, a muni conflict, but just the magnitude of a muni conflict sounds a little benign. muni conflict in that intersection means, i think there are 40 schools within an 8-block radius here. one muni getting backed up and jackknifing in front of the travel lane, it just, it really makes it a challenging atmosphere in the morning. anyways, i just want to get is more detail on that. this is, again, i totally agree these are great things for us and they allow people not only from a environmental perspective but people to live in san francisco and commute to these places where before a lot of the young people would have been down in the valley and not happy about it. at the same point in time in our neighborhoods they are, i maepb to manage it is i think a real real big issue for me. obviously commissioner olague --. >> (inaudible). >> it sounds almost cute when it says a muni conflict, but it's really awful, road
Oct 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
is referring to the fillmore intersection that is currently separated and the idea of filling that grade separation. so, it's actually all running at the surface. where we are with respect to the geary bus rapid transit corridor bus and how it relates to that, we've been doing some engineering work to really figure out what the options are for running the buses through that area, whether we run it in the existing tunnel or we run them on the sides or as commissioner suggested, filling the fillmore intersection. the geary project has concluded that there are workable options for if the fillmore is safe, it's compatible with running the buses in a dedicated center lane. and we'll be taking that option into our environmental analysis. we've done some preliminary costing work and we recognize that it would be a costly project to put solely on the rapid transit project. we have in mind that we want to compete nationally for federal transit funds to implement geary. we want to make sure it's competitive from a cost-effectiveness standpoint. so, we think that the filling of the totally by
Oct 15, 2012 7:15am EDT
peace in their time. fillmore, who was president when it was completed, sounds a little bit in his optimism like neville chairmanber lane coming bram from munich in 1938. i will say, parenthetically, that millard fill fillmore, probably the least warmly remembered -- well, one of -- presidents in our history. actually plays a very interesting plate -- politically deft roll in the compromise. so don't write him off. so in any wait, this is the story of the compromise -- i should say, to disstill it, it's a great story. it its an incredibly dramatic story filled, as dan said, with larger than life, fascinate can personalities. fillmore may not be one of the more fascinating ones, but extraordinary individuals. the longest debate in american political history. world class gridlock, and res summonses with today's gridlock? yes there are, though this book was not written as an argument about today's politics, but if you read it, you will draw some conclusions about the problems of compromise and what the kind of courage it takes to break gridlock and to compromise. it's a story -- the h
Oct 26, 2012 12:00am PDT
japan town, there was the fillmore district with african americans and a variety of other people and they moved into the community. and then japanese americans get out of camp and they come back to their neighborhood that has been populated and made into a different life and different world and what happens when those two communities overlap and intersect? whose place is it, whose home is it? who is an american? how do we sort of coexist in this post war period where the people from that community are by and large marginalized, yet you have this whole kind of other thing happening where it's -- the war has been won, this is like new things, television is happening, advertising, this whole advertising thing is happening. so you have these marginalized peoples and what happens, is it possible to develop a kind of at that moment a cross-cultural community? is it possible to have kind of a multi cultural community that emerged from that moment? and so, in particular, that's what i wanted to explore. and part of the back drop is there was this extraordinary jazz scene happening in that ar
Oct 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
and so stayed with the victim. officers chased of fillmore, kevin i sent and sergeant mary gray responded to the scene as back of units. elderly male victim told responded officers that his son had stabbed him, and that he was somewhere inside of the house at 636 funston avenue. he said his son was suffering from mental issues. officers quickly determined there were other family members inside the house with the suspect. officers knew there could be for their victims of they did not act immediately. officer fillmore and sergeant grey enter the residence and started walking up the stairs while announcing san francisco police department. officers could see the carpeted stairs and walls inside the house were covered in blood. at the top of the stairs was always there ran perpendicular to the stairs. there was still no signs of the suspect or family members. officers made the decision they would have to clear the upstairs room by room. officer i. singh and hernandez went to the right. -- esein. as officer carrasco and heppler went left and saw a body lying prone at the end of the ha
Oct 25, 2012 9:30pm PDT
fillmore, western addition, cathedral hill, japan town, lower pacific heights, lower and upper hate, nopa and coal valley and the neighbors. i am running to serve a full term on the board of supervisors, representing district five because i have long worked to make local government work better for the needs of the neighborhood residents. all that you have to do is look at how i have spent my entire professional life. i have the most robust record of achievements in shaping local public policy of any candidate running for district five supervisor. my father was born in mexico and worked as a mechanic fixing the farm equipment in the central valley. some of my childhood memory ss watching laborers work for little or no compensation at a young age based on what i witnessed i developed a understanding of economic injustice. growing up in the 60s my life experience has shaped my activism and my desire to promote meaningful change for my community. in 1982 i moved to the bay area and began taking classes at san francisco state university. eventually i finished at the california institute
Oct 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
passengers waiting at california, at fillmore, at other locations and why the system is designed with locations to switch back at fillmore, at presidio, at sixth avenue and that happens when necessary, no more than system, so i'm sorry in this case i think the grand jury didn't get get it. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. >> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry. >> exactly what we was referring to we brought that up with the other systems about -- well, there are fewer passengeros the out bound than the in bound and every single one of them said they solved that ahead of time by scheduling so they make short runs in the center area where the city has lots of travelers and then they make other longer runs and they make fewer longer runs and short runs and announce it ahead of time and the promise to the passengers is met. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public wish to speak on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor chiu can we table item three? all right. next is item four
Oct 27, 2012 5:00am PDT
five case amendments to the planning code to establish the fillmore street neighborhood commerical district and proposed for continuous. and commissioners, the first item on your kltd consent calendar, the first two actually for south venice avenue and propose for continuous and item number seven case for 601 venice proposed for continuous. i will ask you to take action on all of those items but bear with me. there are more items for continuous but these are the regular calendar and i will ask that you delay action on these until the call of the item. with that said the first item 13 for westportal avenue. there is a proposal to continue this item to avenue 29, 2012. it's my understanding that -- the project sponsor made the request but the neighborhood organization that is in support of the project is in support of that and staff is in support. next for 1865 post street and continuous to december 6, 2012. and item number 18 for 1856 pacific avenue proposed for continuous to december 6, 2012. commissioners, with that i am not aware -- we might have a short hearing -- that any other
Oct 14, 2012 2:30am PDT
individuals in these marginalized neighborhoods. i'm part ofvmm;Ñ bayview, i'm pf the fillmore because these are people that i work with, the ones in and out of prison, the ones in and out of the rehabs, the ones trying to get into these unions, the ones that need access where they can turn their life around, he has been instrumental in being part of that. and i'm glad that i have been part of that process with him. as you look around and hear everybody speak, they're not just talking. their wheels are not just rolling. heart. and it's a process. i mean i'm glad that the process has finally come to a end. it's been sickening and disheartening to actually believe that city officials would allow another person to be dehumanized as this man and his family has been. it reallywgx but i'm glad that i'm here today going to stand up for him and i'm going to stand up for your right to make theaÑç right decision to reinstate our sheriff. >> president chiu: thank you. next(!>x speaker. >> good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. my%lúmu name is mindy kenner wih anders and anders. we are a com
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
restaut on eddy and fillmore, mayor newsom, mayor brown, many other dignitaries was there. mirkarimi was there every week, seeing what i needed done, seeing how things wereí/ and when i went through the problems that i had there, he didn't stay;ñn away. he was right there. so we have auÁsystem here. if we don't like what any of you remember, he who casts thecaít stone without -- cast the first stone. we all have done wrong. any -- but i'm saying that's a good man. city. we voted for him. let him be. thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening, supervisors.eii stand before you as a resident, a voter, but more importantly-a grandma. today i want to take a little diversion from the content qy&qg7t heard and i'm asking tht we really seize this opportunity bring a healing to the city, and that we mitigateddhp the divide our duly elected sheriff. i urge that we seize thisç9b @&y carefully at our behavior and our vote tonight in:chm a way t brings this city together, and stops what has been ag7b=ñ destructive, tearing apart of people, intended to do the right thing. thank you
Oct 19, 2012 8:30am PDT
that gas station. fault. but the bicyclists come from fillmore on haight street and they make a left on scott street. there. bicyclists, if you want to make a left-hand turn, you have to wait 'til the bicyclists make that left-hand turn. they will not]"y stop and heede motorist. yk % wait for another light to make a left. so -- and i just think it's dangerous, and i feel like they should use fulton, page, and some other street for bicyclists. thank you. >> chairman nolan: thank >> christopher fullkerson followed by dave snyder andÑ-Ñ:n tim mclaugh lon. >> good afternoon. been a cab driver in the city in san francisco for several decades. been chalked in. the political problem you're dealing with was created by j. p.6ññ morgan and thomas edisond that crowd when they granted a a monopoly for the use of concrete which we wouldn't granñ today because it was in public domain and they sold -- to the3& elevated sidewalks with rails that you see in sacramento and so forth. where the children would play and where the bicycles would be ridden. bicyclists in the street is a sense and i
Oct 27, 2012 3:00pm PDT
the fillmore and they had slated more than half the bay area for redevelopment before they were shut down. >> anything you'd like to add, peter? >> there's a number of assertions from my opponent that are based in a misunderstanding how affordable housing works in san francisco in this particular measure. unfortunately there's not enough time to tackle all of them, but i want to make clear this
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
driving african americans out of the fillmore and they had slated more than half the bay area for redevelopment before they were shut down. >> anything you'd like to add, peter? >> there's a number of assertions from my opponent that are based in a misunderstanding how affordable housing works in san francisco in this particular measure. unfortunately there's not enough time to tackle all of them, but i want to make clear this is not subsidizing middle income home owners. this is going to go primarily for low and very low householders in san francisco. that has always been the programmatic focus because you can leverage funding. we live in a high income market and that is exactly why we have an affordable sector in this city. when it comes it recreating redevelopment, that's a fallacy. it's about recognizing that redevelopment allowed a certain portion of money to be used for redevelopment. it's not about recreating redevelopment, in fact that's a closed chapter in history. lastly the idea we are reducing the mixed income housing is also a sort of fallacy. there is a purpose to pr
Oct 15, 2012 2:30pm PDT
being black living in fillmore and you said i'm going to hunters-point, you would say oh, no i'm not going over there, but guess what? they have learned since 1996 how sunny it is over there. no fog over there and we have got all of these developers, you know, coming into san francisco to build over there. do you know that they build these -- i was looking at, i believe it's on page -- one of these pages. i can't see that well anyway. do you know that they don't even have windows in the bathroom that these people are fixing to move back into? they don't have backdoors. they were promised that the units would be the same size as the ones that they left of the they are now smaller and they are fixing to do phase 2 and guess what happened? they selected a non-tenant to work with the engineer and it's wrong. it's politics. i know you may not want to hear it, but i'm here to tell you to look into and make sure that the tenants are listened to. >> thank you, miss jackson. next speaker, mr. paulson. >> when will i see housing again? when will we share precious housing moments? if i have to
Oct 20, 2012 7:30pm PDT
today annual reggae festival. this was the second year for the event held at the fillmore center plaza. along with free musical performances during the day, kids had a chance to participate in a variety of activities well adults could sample authentic jamaican cuisine and shop. >>> once the clouds cleared, there was a beautiful sky today. that will be changing. we turn this over to mark tamayo. >> get ready for cooler temperatures. and eventually, get the umbrella. right now, we have mostly clear skies and a few cloudy conditions out there. we will show you this on the storm tracker. some of the clouds out there and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. napa is at 60 degrees. as far as temperatures from this afternoon, most areas cooled off a bit. 60 degrees. warmest locations were in the mid to upper-70s toward antioch and fairfield. san jose one of the cooler spots at only 66 degrees. tonight, we will thicken up cloud cover. tomorrow, more clouds. mostly cloudy for sunday. rain returns and temperatures will be cooler. some of the numbers back to the upper-30s. napa is around 39 degrees. s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 88 (some duplicates have been removed)